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I'm Dan Lahav, I'm currently founding a new R&D group dedicated to securing advanced technology and reducing X-risks. I also lecture at Tel Aviv University, where I've done grad Computer Science & Bioinformatics research. As part of my research pursuits, I occasionally collaborate with the Paul Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), and until recently, I worked at IBM AI Research.

My interest is mostly in Natural Language Processing, Infosec, Bio, Decision Making via Informal Logic, Computational Argumentation, as well as Ethics & Philanthropy. You can see some of my research here and the courses I have created hereI am especially interested in projects that are in the intersection between high-end research, technology and social impact.

I am an author of a paper that was on the cover of Nature, have received IBM's "Outstanding Technical Achievement Award", was one of the first employees in a start-up that was acquired by Google, managed several software projects, co-created popular academic courses, have received TAU's "Outstanding Lecturer Award", was a nominee for a medal of distinction awarded by the President of Israel, and the recipient of multiple other recognitions in science, entrepreneurship and for-good work.

In 2018, I was crowned Best Speaker of the world at the World Universities Debating Championship where I hold the all-time personal ranking record for a non-native English speaker. I achieved over a 100 further debate & critical thinking accolades, led several big international academic events in these fields that spanned over 65 countries, and worked on Project Debaterthe first AI system that can debate humans on complex topics.

I regularly advise institutions & individuals, and lecture, on the aforementioned topics. My work/comments were featured in leading international media venues such as the BBC and the New Yorker

You can contact me here, for speaking engagements, advisory requests or otherwise.

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