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Academic Courses

Below are my courses, and some of my invited talks/guest lectures.

I am a 3x recipient of TAU's Outstanding Lecturer Award for my teaching.

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Applied Ethics

Co-creator and lecturer (academic class)

The course presents practical tools to examine ethical issues in everyday decision-making, while using disciplines from ethics, economics, behavioural science, exact sciences and more. For example, to what extent should global catastrophes worry us, and what can and should be done about them? Should empirical evidence influence our ethical decisions, and how? What could be done about global poverty and health? Do we have a moral obligation towards others, and if so, to whom, and does it include animals? How can moral commitment be incorporated into career decisions? And more.



Creator and lecturer (academic class)

The course teaches the fundamentals of debating, with a focus on how to use them in everyday life. For example: how to find the most relevant and effective message on every topic, articulate the message, present it persuasively and deal with objections. The course aims at developing logic, analytical skills and rapid thinking. Students acquire multiple reasoning approaches and the ability to deliver a debate speech in front of an audience. The methods learned were developed by debate experts and are practiced at leading universities worldwide.     

Invited Talks & Guest Lectures


Select list of talks

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  • Securing AI Model Weights: From Opportunistic Attackers to Nation States

    • Keynote Address at the Existential InfoSec Forum (pre-DEFCON event)

  • Impact as a Systematic Science

    • KI Institute for Applied Research in Computational Health  

  • The Common Good in AI for the Common Good

    • Paul Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2)

  • (Automated) Debating for Speechwriters

    • Rhetor - rådgivende retorikere's conference for Danish Speechwriters

  • The Future of Diplomacy​

    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Executive Forum

  • Debate as a Decision-Making Methodology in an Uncertain Environment

    • ​FINAL's 10th annual Curiosity Conference

  • Speech by Crowd​

    • THINK Summit London​​

  • Debate and Cognition

    • ​IBM Cognition forum​

  • An Introduction to Data-Driven Argumentation​

    • The Analysis of Discourse, Argumentation and Rhetoric (ADARR) Forum​​

  • Do Machines Have Better Arguments than Humans?

    • ​Everyday Rhetoric: Arguments and Fallacies course (Guest Lecture)

  • Introduction to The Debater Movie

    • Idea Festival (IF) by OPP

  • AI & Political Discourse

    • ENGAGE – Conference for Social Activism

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