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Initiatives, Organizations & Projects

Below are some of my educational / for-good initiatives & projects. 

Impact Focused Education


Impact Focused Education aims to develop an effective educational path for engaging in large-scale high-impact work. ​

We are especially interested in finding the best way to teach and inspire others to do the most good with the resources they have.

More information about the initiative can be found here.


Distinguished Lecture Series on High-Impact Issues

Co-Organizer & Host

A series of lectures on altruism, philanthropy, global poverty & healthcare, animal welfare, existential risks to humanity, and the GiveWell & Charity Entrepreneurship organizations. 

The series included top speakers such as William MacAskill (Oxford, associate professor). Download the posters for the complete list of topics/speakers. 

Beyond the expert content, each central theme also featured exercises by world-renowned speakers.

Cumulatively the lectures were watched over 10,000 times, and you can find them here.

The lectures were part of a bigger educational endeavour (EADC) which you can learn more about here.

Distinguished Lecture Series on Gender & Feminism

Co-Organizer & Host

A series of lectures on gender & feminism. The series hosted Sharmila Parmanand about her research on sex work; Camara Stokes Hudson on issues Women of Color are facing in the primary and secondary education system; and Ameera Natasha Moore on Feminism and Islam in an Asian context.

View the full titles in the poster (download the poster from here).

Cumulatively the lectures were watched over 9,000 times and you can find them here.


NLP for Social Good

A Main Promoter

An initiative aiming to empower natural language processing (NLP) researchers to expand the societal impact of their work. The aim of the initiative is to provide a rich set of resources of useful NLP research and corresponding socially good applications, and build a network of researchers interested in NLP4SG. Learn more about the initiative here.

The World Universities Debating Championship

Professional Director (aka Chief Adjudicator)

The World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) is the world's largest debating tournament. I was the professional director of the 2021 edition. Students from the World’s best universities regularly compete (e.g. Harvard, YaleStanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and more). The championship had roughly 1,200 participants from over 65 countries that represented more than 240 universities.

My role included heading the international team setting the debate topics, overseeing the logistical processes, planning the judge allocation & feedback algorithms, and orchestrating training. 

You can watch the Opening Ceremony of the Championship here.

We were also endorsed by the international K-pop star Psy.

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